2. 7. 2024

Current challenges in neurooncology

On 24-25 June 2024, the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute hosted prominent foreign experts focusing on neuro-oncology. The conference "Current challenges in neurooncology: meet the Young Neuro-Oncologist experts", which was also held under the auspices of the National Institute for Cancer Research, featured lectures by Johnny Duerinck, Alessia Pellerino, Marjolein Geurts and Johan A. F. Koekkoek, as well as domestic speakers Tomáš Kazda, Michal Hendrych and Petr Výmola.
19. 6. 2024

Invitation to the Matthew Vander Heiden’s expert lecture

We would like to invite you to the Matthew Vander Heiden’s expert lecture, a leading figure in cancer metabolism and the director of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Biology at MIT, which will give a seminar about their work at Biocev (the main auditorium) next Tuesday, June 25, at 14.00 hours. 
13. 5. 2024

Memorandum of Mutual Scientific Cooperation

In the last week of April, the directors of four NPO Exceles projects - the National Institute for Cancer Research (NICR), the National Institute for Socioeconomic Impact of Disease and Systemic Risk Research (SYRI), the National Institute of Virology and Bacteriology (NIVB) and the National Institute for Neurological Research (NINR) - signed a Memorandum of Mutual Scientific Cooperation.
19. 4. 2024

A new strategy to determine whether nanomedicines will be effective for a patient

Scientists from the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the CAS, led by Tomáš Etrych, whose research group is part of the NIRC, have been involved in developing a strategy to determine whether treatment with advanced forms of nanomedicines will be of significant benefit to patients or remain without effect.