• Aleksi Šedo
    Biomedical science is trying to find ways to help patients whom clinical medicine so far cannot help.
    Aleksi Šedo
  • Ondřej Slabý
    Cancer research that really helps is always based on intensive interdisciplinary collaboration.
    Ondřej Slabý
  • Marián Hajdúch
    Our research teams make constant, incremental progress in both diagnosing and treating cancers – and they will never give up in fighting this enemy.
    Marián Hajdúch

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About us

Research of cancers represents about 25% of all biomedical research in the Czech Republic. It is an area that has a long tradition in our country and its current results are, in international comparison, above the average.


News and announcements

13. 5. 2024

Memorandum of Mutual Scientific Cooperation

In the last week of April, the directors of four NPO Exceles projects - the National Institute for Cancer Research (NICR), the National Institute for Socioeconomic Impact of Disease and Systemic Risk Research (SYRI), the National Institute of Virology and Bacteriology (NIVB) and the National Institute for Neurological Research (NINR) - signed a Memorandum of Mutual Scientific Cooperation.


In addition to several large European and Czech scientific infrastructures, the National Institute for Cancer Research will also cooperate with various university hospitals, pharmaceutic or biotechnological companies, patient organisations, and other partners.



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