Specific goals of the National Institute for Cancer Research:

  • Consolidate oncology research to improve its mutual coordination, effectiveness, and strategic planning
  • Develop the infrastructure needed for modern oncology research
  • Attract international scientists, strengthen existing research teams, and create new ones
  • Improve the quality and competitiveness of oncology research within international context
  • Train and support young oncology researchers
  • Provide specialist expertise for decision-making processes by organs of the state administration
  • Use new research results to support the biotechnology industry and enable the production of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for oncology
  • Popularise science and research among the professional and general public

Research institutions associated in the National Institute for Cancer Research have agreed on the following:

  • To create over 600 classifiable outputs, including over 400 academic publications, whereby over 65% would be published in journals whose impact factor belongs to the first quartile of the relevant area
  • To develop patents, utility models, certified methods, and software solutions
  • To conduct proof-of-concept studies or clinical evaluations for non-commercial clients
  • To make sure their students would successfully defend over 100 master’s and/or doctoral theses

The National Institute for Cancer Research project (No. LX22NPO5102) was launched on 1 June 2022 and is scheduled until 15 December 2025. Its main coordinator and main recipient of a subsidy amounting to 1,481,101,000 CZK (of which app. one-third is intended for investment activities) is the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University. The project is financed by the European Union – Next Generation EU as part of the National Plan of Renewal via Programme of Support of Excellent Research in Priority Areas of Public Interest in Healthcare – EXCELES of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic.